Parting Thoughts

In the Summer of 2020, amid the noise about a global pandemic and a presidential election with vitriol reminiscent of Jefferson vs. Adams, we put out a call to join us as members of a society that would encourage Americans to redirect their focus to the writings and ideas of the American Founding. We wanted to rebuild the community of civic trust and virtue symbolized by the famous pledge at the end of the Declaration of Independence: their lives, fortune, and sacred honor.
During such a turbulent time and despite all of the distractions hundreds of you joined us as guardians of the American idea. For that we are deeply grateful. Today, unfortunately, we must announce that as of December 31, 2022, The Vino & Veritas Society will be closing its (virtual) doors.
As many of you know, we set out on this venture to appeal to you, our members, instead of a group of donors. That’s why we chose to make the business a corporation instead of a tax-exempt 501(c)3 (If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know our aversion to calling these charities). We also did not want the IRS or any other government agency limiting our freedom to discuss important ideas.
The success of the business relied on large numbers of Americans—thousands, if not millions—who wanted to learn about and guard the American idea. We recognized the enormity of the task, but believed strongly that the mission was worth it.
To that mission, we accomplished much that we are very proud of. We filmed and produced more than 130 podcasts, publishing 1 each week without fail. These podcasts will be available going forward on our YouTube page (other than those which YouTube/Google deemed a violation of their content standards). We also published more than two dozen case studies, numerous op-eds, created a dozen chapters that met regularly, spoke at numerous events, and hosted our own for more than 200 people with Dr. Ben Carson in Franklin, Tennessee.
Today, as we make this difficult decision, we realize how rare and valuable our group of members truly are for the willingness to put in the work to become virtuous citizens who possess self-restraint, self-assertion, civic knowledge, and self-reliance. Developing these virtues is not easy and we are fearful that the number of Americans wanting to put in the work is much smaller than we expected
Throughout 2022, we invested our time, energy, and capital into gaining greater national exposure for our mission. The response was not what we hoped it would be and it became clear how special our active members are. Unfortunately, it also became clear that the market for The Vino & Veritas Society was not sufficient to grow into the business we needed to be
We will continue producing podcasts for a few more weeks as we explore the parallel connection between the society and the future of America. We have also produced a final case study that explores this idea in greater detail. After that, while the society as you know it will no longer exist, we promise that we will continue to be guardians of the founding, and to look for ways to encourage citizens to embrace the civic virtue required to keep our republic. This won’t be the last you hear from us.
Until then, we’d like to share a bit about what’s next for Tom and Dave
Tom is developing a civics curriculum of history and philosophy, infused with the principles of liberty, for charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling associations. He will also continue to speak and write publicly about subjects too important to leave to ordinary academicians. You can follow his work at, an organization he started years ago and still remains close to his heart.
Dave is now beginning his search for his next opportunity. Being a productive, self-reliant citizen has been is at the core of The Vino & Veritas Society and for Dave himself. If any of our members, friends, or followers would like to discuss opportunities with Dave or have introductions they believe would be valuable, he would be happy to chat with you and appreciative of your support
As Ben Franklin said when asked what kind of government the constitutional convention created, “A republic, if you can keep it.” We will always continue our efforts to keep our republic and know we can count on all of you to do the same. Thank you to everyone who put the time, effort, and capital to help us try to build The Vino & Veritas Society. This is not farewell, but a mere see you soon as you will always be our friends in liberty.

Nos Sumus Custodes,
Dr. Tom Krannawitter and David Rich

December 2022: Parting Thoughts

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