Dear Fellow Citizen,
We—the two of us, you, and millions of other citizens—are in an abusive relationship with our government. We say: Enough!
That’s why we founded The Vino & Veritas Society. We have to do something different, something more effective.
Can we agree that our constitutional republic has become an ever-growing, progressive, bureaucratic swamp?
Political parties and politicians, PACs, non-profits, and others have made many promises, over many decades, to stop the progressive takeover of our country. They’ve promised that if we just keep sending them money, they will drain the swamp.
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And yet, progressive government now regulates, subsidizes, and controls more of our lives than ever before. Corruption has become a way of life for the crony political class. Progressivism has fueled a cultural cesspool marked by historic rates of substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, depression, and suicide, all symptoms of idleness, irresponsibility, and dependency.
No effort to drain the swamp can succeed without a large national society of freedom-loving, virtuous citizens who know and trust each other. Like the Constitution, a successful effort to keep the American idea alive starts with We The People.
It’s time to build an actual community—a society—of liberty-loving Americans. Big, decisive change, political and cultural, requires knowing what is right and having the courage to do it. We become even more effective when we are part of a society of people we know and trust.
The American Founders understood this. In order to “throw off” the abusive British government, the Founders studied the ideas of freedom and recruited trusted friends with diverse skill sets, and only then established a new government to protect their “unalienable rights.”
The signers concluded their Declaration of Independence, in 1776, with a famous pledge: their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. They did not make that pledge to strangers. They made the pledge to friends they trusted to create a free United States of America.
That’s what The Vino & Veritas Society is all about: Preserving the Founders’ creation for future generations by teaching citizens about the principles of liberty, practicing the communication & application of those principles, and building a national society of patriots who know and trust one another.
We hope you will join us.
Thomas L. Krannawitter, Ph.D.
Cofounder and Chief Content Officer
The Vino & Veritas Society
David M. Rich
Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer

The Vino & Veritas Society

Captivating Style And Patriotic Scholarship Of Thomas Krannawitter, Ph.d.

Thomas L. Krannawitter, Ph.D., is Cofounder and Chief Content Officer at The Vino & Veritas Society and former vice president of the Claremont Institute. He has taught at Claremont McKenna College, Hillsdale College, and George Mason University, and is the author of numerous books.

Innovative Content & Business Strategies Of David M. Rich

David Rich is Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer at The Vino and Veritas Society and former director of digital strategy at Bonnier Corporation. Through his career he has worked with several elite brands, innovating in content distribution, audience development, organizational management, and customer engagement strategies.

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