Chapters Matter

The signers of the Declaration of Independence concluded with a solemn pledge to one another: their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. This was no small matter. What they were calling “revolution” was, from the British point of view, treason against the Crown and punishable by death. 

They knew, every one of them, that if some broke the trust when the going got tough—and the going was about to get very tough!—others would likely break it too, and the revolution would fail. Betraying their mutual trust would likely mean that many would die in vain and freedom would have to wait for another time, another place. 

But they honored their trust, at great cost in blood, sweat, and tears. The greatest experiment in self-government — America! — is the legacy of their remarkable loyalty to each other born out of a common desire for liberty.

Freedom requires mutual civic trust among citizens, and trust requires friendship.

Citizens who trust one another don’t call for hordes of bureaucrats and regulators to control their neighbors. They also don’t demand that government take money from others, by force, to provide subsidies for those who aren’t productive. 

Many of our most pressing political problems today are symptoms of the dissolution of civic trust and friendships among United States citizens, for which there is only remedy: Rebuilding trust and reestablishing friendships. 


The Vino & Veritas Society differs from other organizations in that we encourage our members to join or create chapters and spend quality time with each other forming friendships and building trust. 

Some chapters meet in-person, others meet online, and some are hybrids, meeting sometimes in-person, other times online. All are communities in which Vino & Veritas Society members get to know one another while deepening their understanding of the American idea. 

How often you meet and what you do is up to chapter members. The Vino & Veritas Society prepares monthly case studies, which are excellent conversation starters, and new content is frequently added to the Academy. You’re welcome to use any of it for your chapter discussions. Chapters are meant to be valuable, enjoyable experiences for our members. 

In many ways and places, America has become unpleasant. Progressivism has poisoned our culture. Progressives look for excuses to be offended, or shame others, or control what others do. 

It’s become difficult finding new friends and fellow citizens who are ordinary, down-to-Earth people who simply love their country, have a live-and-let-live attitude, and are enjoyable to be around. 

Within Vino & Veritas Society chapters, you’ll find those kinds of people who still remember how to laugh and have a good time — and talk about serious subjects, as well — without resorting to anger, name-calling, and tantrums.

There’s another reason why Vino & Veritas Society chapters are important. 

The modern conservative movement is about eighty years old. During those many decades, progressive government in the United States has grown bigger and bigger and bigger, without pause. Progressivism has metastasized throughout the most influential institutions in America: Education, corporate board rooms, big tech, professional sports, churches, and Hollywood are now cultural breeding grounds for progressivism.

Those who have tried to conserve what’s best about America, for eight decades, and fend off the suffocating attacks of progressivism, have failed mainly because they don’t know each other, don’t trust each other, and typically don’t work together or collaborate their efforts. 

Too many sit home alone, yelling at the TV, hoping to be left undisturbed, and hoping someone else will guard the cause of self-government in America by defeating progressive activists. 


The purpose of progressives, however, is to disturb you and your fellow citizens by controlling how you run your business, raise your children, and live your life. You might have no interest in progressives, but they have an interest in you.

It’s time to do something different. 

It’s time to build an actual community—a society—of American patriots who do know each other, who trust one another, like the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the many who supported the revolutionary cause of self-government in 1776.

While no one knows for sure what the future holds, it’s likely to be difficult for those who want to preserve what Lincoln called “the last best hope of Earth.” We who love liberty are bucking the trends of modern history, while those who oppose us are growing in numbers, strength, and influence. Momentum is on their side, not ours. 

In times that test our mettle, principles matter. Strategies and tactics, matter. Courage and all the other virtues, matter. But nothing matters more than enduring friendships and mutual civic trust among free citizens. That’s the glue uniting men and women fighting to preserve the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity. 

That’s why chapters are important. If you are a patriot, and you’re not ready to turn your life over to progressive politicians and their unelected bureaucratic minions, we hope you will consider joining an existing chapter of The Vino & Veritas Society or creating a new one.