America’s progressive elites are wringing their hands over crime. Why the surge? Why now?

Progressives don’t know the cause, or so they say. Ordinary Americans, however, understand exactly what’s going on: America has become a cultural cesspool where progressives unabashedly encourage criminal behavior and levy crushing regulations and policies that fuel inflation and desperation.

The result? More crime.


Will Smith’s slap heard ’round the world revealed the moral bankruptcy of an elite class that peddles bumper sticker moral relativism.

Every child used to know that sticks and stones, not jokes, break bones. Responding to a wisecrack, even one delivered in poor taste, by physically assaulting the comedian is wrong.

Progressive elites, however, woo and wow each other by denying objective moral truth. “Who’s to say what’s right and wrong?” they ask smugly, never sticking around for the answer.

They scoff at the classical idea of virtue. They’re far too “progressive” to believe that happiness is enjoyed after learning to be good and do right. The advice they’ve long pushed is quite different: “Be yourself, do what you want, ignore the consequences, claim victimhood when you’re unhappy, force others to do things they don’t want to do, and never forget you’re entitled to things you neither produced nor earned.”

Rather than acknowledging Smith’s physical attack on Chris Rock as morally wrong and criminal, therefore, progressive elites dug in their heels. Condemning assault, they insist, is “rooted in anti-blackness.”

Wait. What? If opposing unjust, violent assault is “anti-black,” then what is “pro-black?”


As Americans become increasingly progressive, they’re becoming increasingly lawless.

After all, doing whatever one wants is incompatible with the rule of law because that requires self-restraint and not doing what the law prohibits — like stealing. Yet, countless videos show thieves casually walking out of California stores lugging stolen booty. Criminals have become brazen because they’re confident they won’t be arrested or prosecuted.

According to many progressive elites, people who don’t have what they want or need — especially racial minorities, women, and LGBTQ — are, by definition, victims of “systemic” racism and injustice. It’s “cruel” to tell victims not to steal and enforce criminal laws against those who do. It’s “cruel” to hold victims to high standards, or any standards at all. Just look the other way when they steal.

When angry mobs vandalized, looted, rioted, occupied, and burned entire sections of U.S. cities two summers ago — including privately owned businesses and government buildings — Kamala Harris, soon to be elected Vice President of the United States, supported the lawless destruction by encouraging others to bail out the lawbreakers. “If you’re able to, chip in now to the MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” she Tweeted in June 2020.

Progressive policies incentivizing “urban camping” — a euphemism for trespassing and lawbreaking — have transformed many U.S. cities into tent cities, rife with crime, drug use, and violence. Large sections of San Francisco, Seattle, and other progressive cities can now be smelled miles away, the stench of human waste and filth in homeless encampments is so prominent.

The most “progressive” of progressives today are the “woke” who want to defund the police and make sure no one is on duty to enforce the law. Even the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva — a Democrat — knows this kind of disregard for the law is a recipe for disaster. Woke elites, according to Villanueva, are incentivizing the lawlessness we see today. “Architects of failure” is what he calls them.


For two years, progressive political elites and bureaucrats have paid themselves while issuing irrational, arbitrary, and onerous orders for many business owners and commanding millions of others to close their shops, go home, and “shelter-in-place.”

Even before COVID, before George Floyd and the riots and destruction, the ruling elites were crushing Americans with regulations, fees, permits, and taxes. The compliance costs of being productive are now so high in the U.S., many don’t even try.

In most states, a person cannot cut someone’s hair, paint someone’s finger nails, sell a flower, walk a dog, or offer a cold beer without purchasing expensive permits — literally, permission slips — from government.

Since the passage of the Dodd–Frank Consumer Protection Act in 2010, thousands of community banks have closed across the United States, while virtually no new ones have opened. Why? The prohibitory costs of regulatory compliance. After decades of progressive influences and policies, we are now a nation of desperate, scared people who don’t know right from wrong, have contempt for the rule of law, face more regulatory obstacles than ever if they try to be productive, and have been taught they’re entitled to other people’s property. Those are reasons crime rates in the United States are going up. No mystery at all.

Dr. Krannawitter is Cofounder of The Vino & Veritas Society. If you enjoy his scholarship and inspiring presentations, please consider becoming a member.


  1. I guess the question I struggle with is…. are progressives just that incompetent OR are these disastrous policies achieving the EXACT results that they want. Is the end game the destruction of our society / country so that the progressives can “start over” and create their vision of a utopian society? Or do they just want to create problems that allows them to grab more power so that they can “fix” the problems they have created? Maybe total power over and total control of the population is their vision of a utopian society / end game……

    1. This much is clear: Millions of progressive Americans vote for progressive politicians who create programs, regulations, and subsidies that, in turn, either make existing problems worse and/or create new problems. And then those progressive politicians say: “Re-elect me, I can fix it!” And millions of progressive Americans vote for those same progressive politicians, again. And again. And again.

      1. The statement I’ve heard you say in the past is that “progressive equals social rot” – why is this so difficult for conservatives to communicate this to Americans? There appears to be tons of empirical data. Is it difficult to show the outflow of people from progressive states to conservative states…….. there is a reason…… Maybe this is why progressives target the youth in America since they don’t have as many years / as much perspective to see the long slow downward slide that America has experienced……. On another note – I also think it is amazing how progressives have convinced many Americans to focus on their “good intentions” and topics such as identity politics, abortion, “climate change” and completely ignore the the devastating effect their policies have had on education, crime, homelessness, the economy, housing affordability, etc. – we need a better PR campaign…..

  2. We know better… we just didn’t do enough of it, why with a bigger budget we can fight for the next group of victims and buy more homelessness. We can cancel the next perpetrators. We can create new oppressive laws and put LEOs on the streets to enforce them and then prosecute them …. to show we care , it’s for the children after all . We know better.