April 2021: Minimum Wage


  1. The minimum wage HURTS the very people that it is intended to help: The least skilled, least educated, least experienced, and most vulnerable in the workforce are the ones who LOSE their jobs or are not hired at all because of the expense to small business. Many teens, older workers, and minorities fall into this category.

  2. Thanks for the pointers on the fast responses we may offer. For example, why stop at $15.00? Never thought of that. Also, think of wage control as a forced extortion of private property. Also when something becomes more expensive, people tend to buy less of it (Sowell and dozens of others). Well, if labor becomes too expensive, private employers will necessarily purchase less of it. Raising the minimum wage is like taxing prosperity. This brings to mind the luxury tax that bankrupted the builders (and employers) of the luxury boats. I think the best antidote to this argument is a compendium of facts based on studies. I cannot recall at this writing, all of the facts I read in the past. I like the words of Norman Vincent Peale (not all of his words…but these). “If you want to be successful in life, remember six words: find a need and fill it.” That is the antidote for poverty (IMHO)