The Vino & Veritas Society consists of local and neighborhood chapters. Chapters within a general metropolitan area grouped into a district. Several districts form a region, of which there are eight spanning the United States.

To provide support, service our members, and help the organization improve continuously, The Vino & Veritas Society receives important assistance from District Councils, Regional Councils, one National Council, and a select Franklin Council.


For Guardians who want to become more involved in The Vino & Veritas Society, the next level of participation is to join the District Council of the metro district in which your Vino & Veritas Society chapter is located.

District Council membership offers access, influence, and the satisfaction of helping to improve and expand the most dynamic cultural movement for freedom in America. The work is important, and so are the rewards.

District Council members communicate with the national and regional councils. They serve as advisors to chapter boards and as resources to Guardians in their district. District Council members guide the future of the organization by evaluating and judging whether to approve Poor Richards (pledges) seeking to become Guardians (full members).

Finally, members of the District Council help to increase membership in their district by identifying potential future members and promoting it to the community. Selecting the right people for District Councils is a strategic component in the overall success of The Vino & Veritas Society.

A seat on your District Council has a membership fee of $1,800 per year.


A Guardian can also join one of the eight Regional Councils, which is more selective than the District Councils.

Members of Regional Councils receive special honor and recognition at regional and national Vino & Veritas Society events, and they enjoy special opportunities with the top corporate management and owners of The Vino & Veritas Society as well as speakers and other special guests.

Regional Council members serve as advisors to the District Councils in their region, as well as advising staff and members on the execution of their region’s events.

A seat on your Regional Council has a membership fee of $3,600 per year.


There is only one National Council for the Vino & Veritas Society. It is reserved for those Guardians who have demonstrated a deep understanding of the American ideas of freedom, the necessity of preserving them, the noble and challenging work that requires, and who have become knowledgeable of the entire organization of The Vino & Veritas Society.

The National Council helps the staff maintain continuity across the organization, ensuring oversight of the councils on regional and local levels to maintain consistent messaging and branding.

All regional conferences and metro district events are open to members of the National Council, regardless of their location. National Council members are also recognized at the National convention.

The National Council works closely with the top corporate management and owners of The Vino & Veritas Society in planning and executing strategies to shape American culture and planning the annual national conference.

A seat on the National Council has a membership fee of $25,000 for a two year term.


Members of the Franklin Council are trusted partners in the effort to transform the United States into a beacon of freedom for the world to see, admire, and emulate.

The Franklin Council is made up of those who are deeply committed to the long-term success of the organization. Franklin Council members assist financially, participate in the highest levels of strategic planning, and help to open doors and making introductions in ways that are beneficial for the future success of The Vino & Veritas Society.

A seat on the Franklin Council has a membership fee of $100,000 for a 2 year term or a $1,000,000 commitment will equate to a lifetime membership.