What We Do

A Unique social club

The Vino & Veritas Society is a civic-oriented social club establishing chapters nationwide to bring like-minded citizens together, to share laughs, to learn, to discover and discuss, and to reflect on what free society looks like. Chapters are part of metropolitan districts, which in turn make up regions. The eight regions, together, constitute the national Vino & Veritas Society.

Chapters are formed by people who live near one another and share a common interest in moving American culture, strategically, politically, and intellectually closer to the American idea of freedom.

Each chapter meets in person, at least once a month, where there’s laughter, learning, and usually some libations.

Content Creators

The Guardians of the Vino & Veritas Society are a syndicate of content creators who advocate for freedom. We create different kinds of content in different media that we distribute to our own network of members, who we call our Guardians.

Our Guardians, in turn, create content of their own, which is then distributed throughout The Vino & Veritas Society network and, when appropriate, promoted to a larger, public audience outside of our network.

Whether focused on big cultural goals and grand strategies or the next practical steps, all our content is unified by one common thread: Advancing the cause of freedom in the United States.


We amplify the voices of the unheard, the citizens who refuse to be mocked and shamed simply for living freely, taking care of their loved ones, and preserving the American idea for the next generation.

We coach our Guardians in content creation & refinement. We offer venues in which they can practice communicating the ideas of freedom. Just like hitting baseballs, catching footballs, and swishing three-pointers in basketball, communicating well and persuading others requires practice.

When our Guardians produce excellent forms of freedom communication, we amplify those messages through our own media distribution networks. We make sure our people get heard.

Chapter Membership

Like any social club, the chapters of The Vino & Veritas Society are made up of members–which we call Guardians. Each chapter is created, managed, and maintained by its Guardians who decide when and where they’d like to meet, who they’d like to join them in their chapter, and who they elect to manage chapter affairs.

Where The Vino & Veritas Society is unique from other social clubs is in and the tools and infrastructure created to ensure that the chapter stays in line with its mission.

How to Get Started

For those interested in joining a chapter of the Vino & Veritas Society, the first step is to attend one or more recruitment events within your district where you can meet the different chapters and find the group that you’d most enjoy spending time with. After selecting your chapter, you’ll request to join them as a pledge–or what we call a Poor Richard in reference to Ben Franklin’s famous almanac. 

As liberty lovers, we believe membership in any organization should be voluntary and mutual. Therefore, when you request membership to a particular chapter, you will wait for them to send you a private link as your invitation to join, signaling their mutual interest in having you among their new Poor Richards.

As a Poor Richard, you’ll attend chapter events, have access to our exclusive digital content, and pay a monthly due of $18. During this time, you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate your interest in becoming a Guardian of the American idea through learning and participation in the various lessons and case studies.

After several months of status as a Poor Richard, the Guardians of the chapter to which you are pledging will decide whether you should be nominated to join their ranks as a Guardian of the Vino & Veritas Society.

If you want more information on upcoming recruitment events or already have talked to a chapter about joining and need your membership link, please click the button below and complete the form on the next page.

Becoming a guardian

Guardians are the ultimate rank in The Vino & Veritas Society, having committed to a standard of virtuous citizenship, the protection of American principles, the future of freedom in America. Their purpose is to preserve, protect, embrace, and guard the American idea so that it can be handed to the next generation of citizens.

Guardians demonstrate, through their choices, actions, and demeanor, what it means to be a United States citizen. They embody the civic virtues of self-restraint, self-assertion, civic knowledge, and self-reliance.

Guardians hold key board positions within their chapters, they have access to and actively participate in digital content, and are invited to all district, regional, and national conferences. The annual Guardian dues are $185 per year.

joining a council

For those Guardians who want a more active role in the development of The Vino & Veritas Society, Council memberships provide that opportunity. 

There are four councils to which a Guardian may seek membership. Guardians can join a district, regional, or  national council, serving as an advisory board for the geographic region they represent.

For those most committed to the long-term success of The Vino & Veritas Society, a limited number of seats are available on Franklin’s Council, whose members serve as advisors to staff throughout the organization and provide support in key decisions.