EP #131 || Parting Thoughts, Part 1


by Dr. Thomas Krannawitter & David M. Rich


  1. Thank you, Dave and Tom, for having dedicated yourselves to this noble work, and for making it possible for us to learn from and with you. This podcast is important for members to hear. It’s a valuable message to know that, though this channel of learning is concluding, we will be able to continue in the mission of the Vino & Veritas Society through our friendships and via other avenues. For all that each of you has put into this project, you have our gratitude. No Sumus Custodes, gentlemen.

  2. This is sad news to hear; we will truly miss our times of monthly, vibrant conversations. Many thanks and much gratitude, Tom & Dave. Your initial vision was a good one ….. sadly, the world appears to be incapable of appreciating it, and instead chooses to occupy itself with “lesser” things.